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Not everyone is aware that Turkey has advanced significantly in a number of areas and has actually set an example for the rest of the globe. Turkey made a significant improvement in its economy and educational system many years ago.
We can’t possibly cover all the reasons why you should study in Turkey; so instead, we’ll focus on the main factors that attract International students to Turkey.

Perfect destination for International students

By focusing on opening the doors of study to different countries, Turkey achieved great success in attracting a huge number of international students. Not to mention, Turkey focused on offering every comfort and luxury possible to draw in international students through scholarships, seats, and the caliber of education.

Teaching language

Most universities offer Turkish as a language of teaching. Many other colleges do, however, offer education in English in addition to Turkish in some fields of study. Students have the option!
IELTS or TOEFL exam results are not a requirement for admission to the majority of Turkish universities. International students in Turkey are advised to have at least intermediate level English proficiency.

Living costs in Turkey are low

when selecting a study destination overseas, it’s crucial to take the cost of living into account in addition to the tuition. And for international students, Turkey is quite affordable compared to other countries. Your basic needs including food, entertainment, and transportation, are conveniently available and reasonably priced.