Our Service

Gives advice on all studies visas to foreign countries and prepares all visa requirements.

Al-Talafha for Study Abroad (TSA) provides school students, high school graduates, University graduates, graduate students, and professional work specialists with the best solutions and opportunities for study and training abroad through the large network of universities, colleges, and technical institutes that we represent in most countries of the world. All academic services offered by our company are under the supervision of our qualified team of academic counselors and advisers with years of expertise. Additionally, we strive to enhance communication with partner colleges and language centers in order to assure client satisfaction with our top academic services.
Also, As an agent for several colleges and universities from different countries including: (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Malaysia), we provide many other services.


Courses Guidance

Choosing the most suitable program for the student’s qualifications, guiding the student to the countries’ required majors, which increases the percentage of obtaining a visa, getting the acceptance letter for the student and then guiding the student toward the payment method. Assisting the student in providing any other requirements that the College or University may require.


Visa Assistance

Guide the student through the visa application process and submit his application to the embassy.

Document Translation

Translate the embassy-required documents by our legal translators. Our legal translators have excellent language skills. Working on your specialized translation, we take into consideration the key message to guarantee the highest quality.


Travel & Accommodation

help the student find the accommodation that fits his needs depending on his personal preferences. Including: (Homestays, Hotel accommodation, Temporary housing with international student groups, On-campus housing in halls of residence or small apartments and Off-campus housing in shared or private apartments).